Great white shark

  • Great white shark  | Great white shark | Viajes Planeta Azul
  • Great white shark  | Great white shark | Viajes Planeta Azul

The great white shark needs no introduction. Growing to 6 meters in length, this marine superpredator is perhaps the most feared and respected of all sea creatures. And coming face to face with this magnificent creature is amongst the greatest experiences you can have.

Face to face with a marine superpredator

Navigating the waters of the Mexican Pacific, we’ll reach the island of Guadalupe, one of the best habitats in the world for observing the great white in the wild. Here, submerged in specially constructed cages, you’ll  come face to face with the king of the deep, allowing you to see and photograph this majestic animal up close.

This experience can be enjoyed using simple snorkel equipment, but for those holding a current diving license the use of a cage submergible to 14meters can also be arranged.

This exciting and illuminating undersea adventure will bring you face to face with one of nature’s great predators and (unfairly) maligned creatures, inviting you to confront your fears, and challenge your preconceptions.