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  • Japan | Japan | Viajes Planeta Azul
  • Japan | Japan | Viajes Planeta Azul

Visitors to Japan can’t help but fall for the charms of this island nation at once bucolic and industrialised, steeped in tradition and resolutely futuristic. In the major cities, towering skyscrapers and streets of glowing neon stand testament to Japan’s recent history as a powerhouse of technological innovation, with reminders of its rich past at every turn thanks to the numerous temples, parks and old districts at street level. You’ll also find plenty to be inspired by in the countryside with its lush sub-tropical forests, snow-capped volcanoes, hot springs, rice terraces and more.

Discover another side to the far east

Nature is an intrinsic part of Japanese culture and identity, and in rural Japan you’ll learn first hand how strongly it affects their daily life, beliefs and customs.

As a country with so much to offer, Planeta Azul allows you to tailor the location and duration of each stage of your journey, as well as the experiences in each region. Whether you want to explore the gastronomy or culture, architecture or countryside, we’ll make sure your experience meets your every expectation.

Five reasons why


A LAND OF JUXTAPOSITION. Whether it’s the impact of seeing futuristic skyscrapers next to 19th century temples, or the stark change in pace between the teeming cities and bucolic rural villages, Japan is all about contrast.


GASTRONOMY.  Much more than sushi or ramen, although you’ll taste the finest examples of both, Japanese cuisine with its focus on fresh ingredients, umami flavours and thousands of years of tradition, is rightly considered one of the world’s best.


NATURE AS FAR AS THE EYE CAN SEE. Over 60% of Japan’s land-mass is made up of mountains and forests, along with its native species such as the racoon-dog or Tanuki, the Japanese macaw or the sika deer.


NON-STOP ENTERTAINMENT. The difference of Japan’s culture to that of the west means you’ll be stimulated at every turn, whether in a karaoke bar inTokyo’s  Shinjuku neighbourhood, a traditional geisha show in Kyoto or shopping for manga in one of the labyrinthine comics shops in Akihabara area.


THE PERFECT HOSTS. Japanese culture is rooted in ceremony and tradition, and nothing is more important than hospitality. Here you’ll find people who are friendly and respectful, eager to make you feel at home, and share their culture with you.


The other side of Japan

  • The other side of Japan | Japan | Viajes Planeta Azul
  • The other side of Japan | Japan | Viajes Planeta Azul
  • The other side of Japan | Japan | Viajes Planeta Azul
  • The other side of Japan | Japan | Viajes Planeta Azul

To visit Japan is to discover a fascinating culture where traditional values and modernity exist in perfect harmony, making the country one of the most modern, and timeless, on earth – as well as the most technologically developed.

Our journeys in Japan are tailored to the needs and wishes of each client depending on the number of days in the country, areas of interest (cuisine, culture, architecture, nature or wildlife) and the sights they wish to visit.

The big cities are a microcosm of the culture, with soaring skyscrapers and traditional Japanese buildings side by side, creating a surprising mix of styles that somehow co-exist in perfect harmony. Outside of the cities, you’ll be enveloped by nature, with volcanos, thermal springs and rice paddies as well as its dense forests that burst into a riot color in the autumn.

The strong connection between the Japanese people and nature is especially present in the rural areas, where a visit to a traditional village will provide you with a new understanding of this ancient relationship and its importance to the culture.

A visit to the land of the setting sun, which you won’t want to end.