• Autumn

    With less people travelling in the autumn, these months can often be ideal for visiting locations and sights, making it easier to move around. At this time of year we can suggest destinations on different continents. Of course, you are welcome to suggest alternatives, but we’re sure that the chosen destinations will satisfy all your expectations. December is also a popular month for people wishing to discover out of the ordinary locations, or looking for an alternative way to spend the holidays.

  • Spring

    After the rainy season, parts of Africa enjoy fantastic weather at this time of year. In most of Europe this is the start of more pleasant temperatures following the winter. For most of Asia, this is just before the rainy season, and prior to the start of the cold South American winter. The perfect time of year to discover other cultures, visit landscapes blooming with life and experience new sensations.

  • Summer

    The start of summer in the northern hemisphere is more than a climatological change. It’s almost a change of mindset. With the days long, sunny and warm, all you need is good sunscreen and comfortable clothes to be ready for almost any adventure. In the southern hemisphere, the opposite is true, although many countries are perfect to visit at this time despite the cold. This is also the season of some of the world’s most important animal migrations such as that of the Gnu and Zebra in Africa, and the spawning of the salmon in Alaska.

  • Winter

    A new year brings with it new energy and resolutions, such as living new experiences, getting to know new places and new cultures. Winter is a fantastic season to travel to the southern hemisphere and some destinations in Asia.