Polar Bears

  • Polar Bears | Polar Bears | Viajes Planeta Azul
  • Polar Bears | Polar Bears | Viajes Planeta Azul
  • Polar Bears | Polar Bears | Viajes Planeta Azul
  • Polar Bears | Polar Bears | Viajes Planeta Azul

How many people can say they’ve seen a Polar Bear in the wild? And in years to come, who knows? This magnificent animal, which spends most of its life in the water and on sea ice, is on the brink of extinction due to the real threat of climate change, unfortunately making sightings ever more rare. Planeta Azul offers the unique opportunity to visit these animals in the wild, while respecting the regions nature, led by a local innuit guide.

Exclusive encounter with one of the Earth’s most endangered species

This experience takes place during the winter months, starting in October, and while the exact route taken depends on the time of year and the exclusivity  of the experience chosen, all our polar bear adventures depart from the town of Churchill in Canada’s Manitoba province. From here, you’ll be accompanied by a local innuit guide on your search for one of nature’s finest creatures.

How many people are lucky enough to observe and photograph a polar bear up close? Or to discover the particular magic of the Arctic, to explore its otherworldly landscapes and to go wildlife spotting with an inuit guide? Planeta Azul offers you the chance to visit one of the wonders of the natural world with an experience, that sadly, due to climate change, may soon disappear forever. Are you really going to miss out?

Five reasons why


See through the eyes of a bear. On our polar safari, you’ll travel to their remote tundra habitat to observe polar bears from only a scant few meters distance. The experience of walking alongside these majestic animals is a rare and exciting sensation, and one coveted by travellers the world over. Being right alongside these animals, and being able to photograph them at eye level, makes for incredible and dramatic images that do justice to these incredible beasts.


Family Values. Most of the delight in bear-watching comes from being still and observing the animals’ natural behaviour. This makes for some truly heart-stopping moments, such as seeing the tender relationship between a mother and its cub, or even witnessing a dramatic fight between bears


Staying In the heart of ‘bear country’. On our polar safari, the bear-watching doesn’t stop when the day’s excursion ends. Thanks to the campsites’ location right in their main migration route, you’ll be able to spot bears 24 hours a day. Autumn on the remote tundra opens up the chance to see bears at almost any time of day or night – and a nocturnal photograph of a bear makes for quite a conversation starter!


Much more than bears!. Polar bears share their habitat with a wide variety of unusual and fascinating fauna. Animals you’re likely to spot and photograph include the arctic fox, snowy owl, arctic hare, gyrfalcon, wolverine and more. Our own experience on this adventure has shown us that the tundra is nowhere near as empty as it seems, and that a hike with an inuit guide on a day without bears will reveal the true diversity of the area.


Lights, camera, action. October and November are also the perfect months to view one of nature’s great phenomena – the aurora borealis. What could be more spectacular than enjoying a gourmet meal prepared by a private chef, whilst watching the northern lights?